Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Being Brave

 My wife has been bugging me to post some drawings from my 5 year journey on "BRAVE". I'll post more Brave work later, these were just the ones that were convenient to locate.

 This a concept drawing done early on in "BRAVE".  I was 
experimenting with different brushes and this happened,  
I could never repeat this effect to bad because I like the look.

Pete Doctor and Bob Peterson took a pass at "Brave" as well.
This is one of the beat-boards for there take on the story. Mom 
is still angry for Merida shooting her in the butt.

The idea that Merida could ride on the back of mom was pitched
 early on the project. The idea was shot down, but it reemerged at 
some point.  I did a few of these drawings and have a drawing like
 this in the Art of Brave Book. 

I did lots and lots of bear drawings while working on "BRAVE"
not always for an assignment though. I can't remeber what I did
this one for.

This was an idea with a character name Silas the stable boy,
 he was the son of Beason the royal tailor. Both were characters 
that existed in the first couple of drafts of "BRAVE". 

In earlier drafts mom turned into a bear in a tanning shed that
was outside of the castle, it was much scarier than the way they
they had her turn into a bear in the film.

This was an illustration (a two page spread) done for a friend's


  1. You don't know me, but as I huge fan of your artwork, and follower of your blog, I was very sad to read this :(

    It's terribly scary that were no actual symptoms of your cancer, and it was just found pretty much by accident by you having a blood sample taken. Life is scary. I was already a bit of a hypochondriac, always fearing the worst, but reading things like this really doesn't help the worrying...

    But gosh, my thoughts are with you and your family. You're an amazing talent, and I'm sure a lovely man. I know nothing I say can help, but I do really hope you have a long life with your family and things aren't too bad for you :( You can fight I know it. To have earned a position at Pixar you must have a lot of fight and determination in you (I know, I'm a freelance artist and things are so tough in our field. If I was in the US I'd have been so tempted to pursue a career at Pixar too, I admire all you guys so much).

    Thought are with you sir, love Becky

  2. Awesome work Craig! Can't wait to see more!

  3. I've been following your blog since you visited my school during my freshmen year a couple years ago. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you showing your work and life on this blog. You have big a huge inspiration to me not only as an artist but also a person. I look forward to viewing more.

  4. Awesome! it must have been so much fun to work on this film!

  5. You're a great illustrator too?! It's fun to see what ideas didn't make it into 'Brave.'

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