Friday, September 4, 2009

It feels good to create things.

When I think that some people go through their entire lives without creating anything it saddens me. Some people going through their entire lives destroying things it it breaks my heart. I wish they could experience the awesome internal feeling that comes from making something, for just a second and I know they would change their ways. I guess some of those destroyers don't have the capacity to create so they do the opposite. It feels good to create things, ask any parent how they felt when their newborn baby was placed in their hands for the first time? It is the most wonderful feeling imaginable. I got to experience that feeling five times, and all five times it was the same: LOVE, beyond any thing you can imagine, pure, deep, unconditional love. Thank you God for letting me taste a little of what you are.

People ask me, "Craig, why do you draw so much"? I wish I had some deep philosophical answer for them, but the true of the matter is, it feels good. It's as simple as that; it makes me feel good when I draw. Maybe that's why I don't want to throw any of my old drawings away. It doesn't matter if they are good or bad drawings, when I created them it felt good. When I pull an old drawing out I get a pleasing feeling, I associate feeling good with the drawings, it all makes sense now.

I have to believe that everyone has the ability to make something if they truly want to, it seems as though it is part of what makes us human. Man has been creating things from the very beginning, sometimes out of necessity and sometimes for just sheer pleasure. Maybe because we were made in God's image and he was the ultimate creator, it is in our hearts and souls as well? I've said this before and I'll say it again, I love to draw! How blessed am I? God has blessed me with a talent that I am able to use for employment as well as for pleasure. It’s something I can do when I don't feel so good, mentally and/or physically to pick myself back up, or when I'm bored, or... I think you get the idea. The other amazing thing is that I can share it with others. The drawings below are old sketches I decided to redraw and work up a little. It felt good.


The original sketch was so bad it's embarrassing for me to show anyone, but I'm glad I kept it because it lead me to this piece. My daughters are going to really like this one.


This was the first drawing I did out of this series of illustrations. For what ever reason I was inspired to write little caption to accompany the drawings.




  1. I really like the goat and the lion. I like your writing on this post. I think about creativity as a means to make the world a better place, and discuss it with David A LOT. If God gave us the ability he meant it for good, and I think it can feel good, but it can also help people to see the world differently. I think it is overall abused, but creation can be extremely fruitful if it comes from a place of love and servitude...I think it's good for artists to ask themselves how God wants them to use their creative gifts for His purposes.

  2. "Shadrack" ChadSeptember 13, 2009 at 5:58 AM

    You have really nicely articulated the creative drive - a characteristic that we both share. Like you, during most of my waking hours my mind races about things to create. And when I encounter someone who does not have a creative drive, we seem equally baffled about how the other works. Although I have a wild imagination, I cannot truly imagine what is like to not want to create things constantly, but I appreciate that everyone is not like that.

    From my earliest days, I was a creative. Luckily, many people in my life have asked me to help create things for them - and I'll be honest, some were less of a request on their part and more of a demand on mine.

    Clients are often amazed at the ideas that flow out of my conversations with them and are somewhat confused at how I can generate so many applicable ideas and designs on so many topics at once. I don't fit into any "preconceived box" of skills and that confuses them.

    I am so blessed to have many creatives in my life. Jodi and Craig are two ideal examples. When I am lucky enough to find myself in their home, it is like a sanctuary - filled to the brim with their creations. Art, of course, but so much more. Every nook, cranny, and detail is filled with a visual and tactile feast created by their hands. They have invested much time and energy to create every inch of the space. I hope that they enjoyed the process as much as I enjoy the result! Please don’t stop creating, ever.