Friday, June 4, 2010

I love it all!

I love what I do for a living (Animation/Film Making). It is a very challenging career in many ways, hence a very fulfilling career as well. This may sound boastful to some, but I'll say it anyway, I am very good at my job, and not many people are diverse enough to do the jobs I'm capable of doing. I have crossed over from layout, to visual development, to design, and into story boarding. I've experienced all different aspects of the animation industry, from animation, to clean-up. All my experiences have given me an unique approach to film making.

I'll say it again, I love film making, from script writing to brain storming ideas, etc.... I love it all.  

Some over weight castle guard, inspired buy the old Warner Bros. cartoon characters.

Here are some "ICE AGE II" drawings. I know you guys love production stuff, these are concept drawings.
Manie and Ellie save the day.

This was an idea presented for crossing the river. It was called rafting. It was all good until the EFX department said we have to cut 50% of the water effect out of the film.

These are some workbook drawings from "BROTHER BEAR". They are out of context, but who cares they are cool.

The panel at the top is the camera move for the Lilo and Noni chase. I was told the background was to long, so they shortened it. To make a long story short, they lengthened back out because there was enough room for the animation. I didn't say, "I told you so" until now. The panels below the "LILO AND STITCH" panel are thumbnail camera ideas from "MULAN". They are from the "Be a man" sequence workbook.

These are all camera moves from "MULAN", "LILO AND STITCH", and "BROTHER BEAR" workbooks.


  1. Whoaaaaa....
    So are you moving to Design within the company or looking elsewhere? And I just don't get it, for months the website has had story artist as a job opening.....they have you already in house. It doesn't add up.

  2. Hope things are turning around for you. You've got so much talent.
    You're a fantastic teacher/presenter too. My best to you and your family. lw