Friday, August 10, 2012

Choices, Results, and Sacrific

Our lives consists of choices, from the moment we wake to the very moment we fall asleep. Your first choice of the day might be, "Do I get up this very moment or do I delay and hit the snooze button for ten more minutes; as a matter of fact, you might choose to not get out of bed at all.  Yep, life is a bunch of perpetual choices, nonstop, a continual berage of choice making, one after another after another.

Before we go any further, understand that a choice is an option (Should I go left or right, should I have fruit for breakfast, or skip it all together?). When you've made a choice it becomes a decision (you have chosen), as in, you have picked one of your options. A choice is not the same as a decision but every choice requires a decision. They kinda go hand-in-hand but for the sake of clarity let's keep them separate for now. Okay, we all  learn that we have the ability to make choices in life as children, but not necessarily at the same place (age/maturity level play a factor) in our lives. We are all presented with choices at a very early age (we are encouraged to make choices/decisions) to teach us how to be independent. Just watch any parents with small children and see how they encourage their kids to make choices ("Do you want the red one or the blue one?").  Choices in life start small and simple but as we grow and get bigger so do the choices we have to make.

I grasped the concept of choices vs. desicions at a very early age and I'm sure I'm not alone in this early understanding. The problem with an early understanding of the power of choice making is that most people do not  pocess the materity level required to understanding the repercussions that comes with our choices. After the first time I got my hand slapped for touching something forbidden, I put it together pretty fast that I made an unpleasing choice and the outcome of that choice was unpleasant for me.

I haven't always made the best choices, but I did always feel as though I understtod the possible outcomes for my poor choices. Let's just say, I wasn't surprised when things didn't go my way when things went bad (I chose to play the odds and lost).  I learned the hard way that some choices have direct impact on my future and others come back, way later. Either way, I would have to deal with them the rest of my life.

So now you know you're gonna be presented with choices - nonstop - throughout your life wether you like it or not, from beginning to the very end.  Therefore, choosing to begin taking your choices in life much more serious would be wise. I know, on the surface this sounds pretty simple but it's becoming more and more evident to me that, although people may understand the concept, very few are actually practicing it with any true conviction. If we only had the insight of the ramifications that follow a decision from a choice - any choice, WOW, how are lives could be different. 

Now, I was under the assumption that everyone was aware of the importance of making right-minded choices, but as of late, I'm not so sure.  I'm sure that everyone is aware that good decision making is important, but possibly their diligence has faltered and they have become complacent. Sadly enough,  I think some have just surrendered it to others or even worse they, just don't care.  Okay, so life is made up of CHOICES, that's it, that's simple enough.  Before you make the choice to just skip over this rant of mine I want you to take a second and ask yourself this one question, "Have I been making choices with the complete understanding of the outcome of those choices or have I been running on auto pilot and hoping for the best and dealing with the repercussions or ramifications of bad choices?" If you're honest you'll have to admit that a good portion of your choices are probably made on auto pilot, that's right,  no consideration of the results of said choices. You might be thinking, what's the big whoop, so I make a thousand decisions a day. I know this might be misconstrued as semantics but decisions are more conclusive than a choice.  

Think of it like this, a choice is like something that causes a ripple in a pool of water. The wiser the choice, the less it ripples. The poorer the choice, the more and bigger the ripples. For every choice there is a multitude of results, some good, some bad. A choice is either going to have results that are prosperous or have consequental ramifications. Again, before you make a decision on any choice in front of you, take the time to look into the future a little bit and envision where each choice's avenues may takes you. A couple of seconds of forsight can be a game changer.

With all choices, whether good or bad there comes sacrfices. With good choices less sacrifice and with poor choices come the repercussions and many sacrifices. Either way, there are ramifications. 

 Thumbnail sketch, digital. I love this brush.

 A quick little drawing done for a coworker, digital.

A friend of mine unexpectedly passed away, I was inspired to do this digital illustration in honor of her.  She was a very sweet person, with a good heart.
A ray of light and a flower in a dark world. We will miss you Connie.

These are the front and back of a manilla folder that I had laying around. They were
sketches done with marker and color erase pencils. I scanned them in and digitaly touched them up.

These two sketches were on a piece of letter head. I liked the tooth of the paper and drew on it when I could get my hands on some of it. I scanned these in as well and digitly worked them up.

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  1. This is a concept my dad pressed into me early on. It really stuck with me too. Nice post.