Sunday, June 23, 2013


While on any given project it is important for me to draw things that aren't necessarily part of my assignments or for that matter even related to the film I'm casted on. Drawing unrelated or impromptu illustrations keeps me from become bored or stagnate during the long haul of production. You can be casted to a film for  anywhere between two to four years, drawing the same subject matter over and over. If you're on a film you like (for me "BRAVE"), it's not that hard. Sometimes you're taken off of a film before you even get comfortable with drawing the characters.

 I saw a photo that inspired this digital painting, I thought maybe it would come in handy. The original story of "BRAVE" had snow in it after mom turns into a bear.

 Before we had model sheets we drew dad how ever we wanted, this was an early drawing I did before we even had a locked script to draw from.

This is an actual production piece (beat board) for lords arrival. An early pass of the script had the Lords all arriving from different directions over land (the final has them coming by water). As they drew closer to the ceremonial pyre they begin to race each other to be the first clan announced at the ceremony. We use beat boards as place holders until they decide to fully board the sequence that it applies to, there can be numerous beat boards for a sequence.
A Mom and Merida sketch drawn for no particular reason.

This sketch also has no real significance to the film, I may have done this while I was working on an argument sequence between Mom and Merida.

Merida asleep, I drew this on paper. It created a crap storm (who's gonna scan this stuff, where do we store it and track the original art work, etc...) needless to say I didn't draw on paper anymore. For me sometimes it is easier for me to in-vision the world I'm creating if I'm drawing on paper, I don't no why. I still drew out some of my tough scenes on paper and scanned them and then drew over them.

Early on the triplets were very rambunctious, always messing with the royal swans and such. When they changed they originally turned into swans not bears.

Another take on Merida sleeping.

Clock designs and compositional setups for Lilo's kitchen. I wanted the clock to look retro.

An illustration of Merida on Angus, this was a drawing done very early in production. We didn't have model sheets yet. I never showed this to Brenda, she did not want Merida in green and Angus is way to small for a Shire.

An illustration for one of the poems in my dad's circus poem book.


  1. Thanks for sharing! Your work is great!! Can't wait for more posts! Outstanding work, can't say enough.