Monday, August 17, 2009

Here are some really old drawings.

Okay, I dug really deep for these. They're not all that impressive, I know, but I wanted to start at the bottom of my pile. I found these old drawings in a box, I had to cleaned them up a little in photoshop. After years of getting knocked around they were a little damaged and some of the color rubbed off. They were all done before I had photoshop available to me, so, they were done in traditional mediums. They would have taken a quarter of the time and would have been so much easier to do with photoshop; and they would have come out better as well. Todays artists are very fortunate to have photoshop as a tool.

These three drawings were done in 1993 if I remember correctly. My plan was to mimic a wood cut or linoleum cut style. I drew them from reference pictures in pencil first, then I went over them in sharpie permanent marker, blocking in the black areas. When I felt that I had proficiently blacked in the areas required I then erased the remaining pencil lines. Then of all things, I went back in with whiteout (the stuff they used for typing) and started chopping in white areas trying to give the look of a wood cut. It was difficult because it dried very quickly. After this was all completed, I xeroxed it and cleaned it up even more. The drawing of the zebra I actually dragged on the xerox machine while it was copying to get the distorted stylized effect. I put these drawings over a colored background in photoshop to mimic the originals, the originals I would xerox on to colored paper for the same effect.
This piece was done in school I think in 1991-92 who can remember that far back. The assignment was to do alphabet cards. I chose to have them open to reveal the illustration on the inside. I don't know why I chose fish, maybe because w and x were easy to figure out? This is the only one left out of the entire alphabet.

I know these are weak but they were in the box, so you get to see them. I got a freelance job just out of school while I was employed at "Mike Peter's Creative Group". They needed an artsy drawing of the world. I did quite a number of them, here are just a few. The one at the top is the one they ended up using for a newspaper article, this was also back in 1993.

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