Friday, August 14, 2009

Concept drawings from "Ice Age II"

I love drawing characters, Peter De'seve designed all the character in "ICE AGE II". He is a really great guy by the way. We (the visual development crew/designers) got called on to help brain storm for solutions to getting rid of some of the water in the film. It was to expensive to do the EFX on the water. So, the raging river they were going to cross became a dangerous slab of ice that the villains broke through. This is a sketch is from that brain storming session. It is vellum on top of a mustard colored piece of paper. 

  This is an overview of the entire Mud Bog set.

These are concept drawing for a set that was cut from the film. It was the mud bog. The characters were going to have a hugh mud fight in this part of the film. It was also one of the first places that Manny and Elly would start to bond. At the end of the sequence they were supposed to get washed a way by a flood.  Remember the cost problem with EFX and water, well this didn't make into production. With each set comes a drawing (an overview) of what the entire set might look like, these are not fun to do! 

Usually, I have some sort of character in my concept drawings so that we get an idea of the scale and it adds a little life to the drawings, I went back later and added the character (Fast Tony) into the drawing. Photoshop rules.

This is the first time I had to put caustics in one my pieces, it wasn't as hard as I assumed it would be. There is also the third villain in the drawing, licking the ice, he got cut from the film.


  1. Wow, really nice work!

  2. Good post Dad. Are you aware of the size of the images when you click on them? To the average person looking at these, they are too big. Make sure they are 72 dpi and about 15" high max.
    I didn't change the ones you have currently just in case you wanted them that big, but I'm standing by and can make them smaller for you. Plus you dont want people stealing these and they are big enough to do so right now.