Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's time to share some of my drawings and some of what went into drawing them. After working in the animation film industry for 16 years I have accumulated a substantial number of sketches and drawings. Some related to, but not limited to the films I've worked on. I've decided to share these drawings instead of letting them collect dust in a box. I will try to share what I was think or what was driving me to draw certain drawings when it is applicable.  
  I love to draw, I've always loved to draw and have been doing it since I was a small child. I would get fixated on a certain subject matter and would only draw that subject until I was convinced I had a strong understanding of what ever it was I needed to learn, then and only then I moved on to a new subject. This approach or compulsive disorder enabled me to draw at times with little or no reference material. It have developed a strong visual library in my head. It has afforded me the ability to draw many things without reference because now I can call on that stored information as reference. This doesn't seem all that important except, because I don't need to reference things to draw them I am able to get things done in a very efficient and timely manner. 
  Many of the sketches I will share were done to either solve a problem (assignment) for work, something that I wasn't quite sure how to resolve to accomplish my desired goal. Many of my sketch books will reflect the film I was working on at the time. My sketches are either problem solvers or stress relievers, because I'm under certain restrictions at work, drawing isn't always fun, sometimes it's work. I sketch at home to relax, no goals, no assignments, freedom! Many of my drawings, especially the small landscapes are purely for pleasure. 
  Unfortunately, I don't write much in my sketch books so, I will try and give some insight about the drawings when I can. These sketches are for us to look at, enjoy, talk about and hopefully learn from. In the future I hope to post some of my friends drawings as well.  

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