Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is the sketch I chose to share with you first. No particular reason, I just happened to come upon it. I do remember feeling a little overwhelmed with life when I drew this overloaded donkey, both at work and at home. This sketch isn't directly related to work (in the sense of a project) but it is in the sense of works demands. I believe I drew this around the time I started working for Fox at  the Blue Sky Studio on "Ice Age II". We just left Florida after 13 years at Walt Disney Feature Film Animation Studio (I was laid off, the studio closed it's doors). I was a little scared, uncertain of my future and my career, I was in a new state (New York), in a new job with new demands and new technology, yeah, I was scared alright. I remember they asked me if I new Photoshop and Maya, they were interviewing me for a position in Visual Development, I said yes I did, and that was the truth, I did, but just enough to get myself in trouble. I put myself in the hot seat and I learned the ins and outs of Photoshop pretty quickly. Pressure, you do even know! So, I'm pretty sure this drawing reflects what I was feeling at the time, an insignificant, overwhelmed,  puny ass. 

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