Thursday, August 20, 2009

Revisiting the past, out of the box and onto the blog.

A simple water color piece, nothing special, I call it a nice bathroom painting, what else do you do with these.
I drew these from magazine photos, they are color pencil on colored paper. I did these as example pieces for a children's art class I was teaching back in college.
This is a watercolor sketch from one of my sketch books. I drew it on location and colored it later. This old water tower, was in Orlando, Florida just off the road in an abandoned orange grove, I'm pretty sure they built a condo there by now. I pitched it for the design of a water tower in "Lilo and Stitch", I can't remember if they used it or not.

Back when I was in Animation Services we got tasked with helping to design the Lion King Stage Show. We were brain storming ideas, hanging animals, yeah, now there's an idea, what if different animals swooped in as part of a backdrop during one of the songs? Well? It sounded good at the time! I remember that we started with a sizable budget on this project, in the it got cut to a third of the original projected cost allotted, which in-turn removed a lot of the bells and whistle that were planned for the show.

I love doing these little environment pieces, there is know right or wrong with them plus they are very relaxing for me to draw.

Back in 1993, Jodi (my wife now but girlfriend back then) and I were renting an apartment in Sarasota, Florida. Back then there was still a lot of undeveloped land. Next to our apartment building was a creek. One day when Jodi came home from work she noticed the neighbor's cat was batting at something, she investigated and discovered a newly hatched south florida softshell turtle. She rescued it and we nursed it back to health. It was the cutest little thing you ever saw. We named it Cooter. I would catch minnows from the creek and hand feed it. We kept for a long time, as it grew it became more and more work. Turtles are dirty animals and they eat a lot, so one day I decide to let it go in the creek, when Jodi found out she was not happy, not happy at all, do I need to say more? I was thinking of doing a comic strip at one time, using Cooter as the main character, it never happened.

I draw pigs a lot, I like pigs, pigs are funny.

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