Friday, August 21, 2009

Variety is the spice of life and variety is what you get.

Here is another blast of different pieces. My wife and daughter both suggested that I post less piece at a time. They feel that it would be better to have less up at once so that people could really appreciate each piece. I agree. I informed them that this was the initial kick off of my blog and I wanted to spark some interest. I put an enormous amount of work up so that I would have a substantial base of work for people to look through. In the future, I will be putting fewer piece up on a daily bases, but I will be choosing stuff that I can talk about in depth.  I will try to post similar things and possibly explain how I did the piece in a step by step instructional. I did not anticipate the amount of time it takes to post this stuff, with that being said things are getting busier at work, so, I will have to slow down. I have a ton of stuff to show everyone, some good and some not so good but I will keep posting until I run out of stuff. I hope in the future some of this work will spark some conversation. I will also be posting more pieces that I've done while I was employed by Disney and Fox (Blue Sky) studios. More workbook pieces, more visual development, more character stuff. I hope that my first week has been interesting and enjoyable. Posting more soon, have a nice weekend.
This is a simple drawing from a sketch pad, I draw on pads more than in my sketchbooks lately.

A little bit of character from my sketchbooks. My grandfather's favorite animal was the owl, I find myself drawing them a lot more since he pasted away. I love drawing animals, one of my favorites is the turtle.
This is a rough sketch done for a workbook on "Mulan" it's the village that was discovered by the good guys after Khan burned it to the ground. Shang also finds out his dad was killed in this sequence, heavy uh.
Just before Disney shut down the studio in Florida they gave the green light for a small crew to start exploring an idea that some the artist came up with. We called it the bunny project. I was asked to do some of the concept drawings for the project. This was the lead characters room. 
This a piece I did for my daughter Eden, it was inspired by a story I wrote for her. She loves her blanket (Pink). I tried to sell some angel pieces like this one recently at an auction that Pixar held, they went over like lead balloons. On the other hand, they bought up all my centaur and pan sketches and quite a number of my figure drawings. Naked chicks, bunch of heathens! Just kidding.
This was a piece I did for my youngest daughter, Arianna. She saw me bring home the piece for Eden and jealousy took over, I threw this together to appease her. She can be extremely tenacious and very persuasive, if you get my gist.
This is a very old piece, I told you I like to drawing turtles. I'm sure my wife is gonna let me have an ear full when she sees this old drawing again. I informed her that these pieces weren't for her, then I got the look. You know what I'm talking about, the look.  I'm not really scared of her, well, maybe a little.

These are completely digital pieces. I was fooling around with different brushes and textures in photo shop and this is what came out of that meaningless experiment, I can't even repeat what I did to make these. They're groovy man.

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  1. "Shadrack" ChadSeptember 13, 2009 at 6:18 AM

    It is so cool that you create and share artwork for the girls. The swan/frog piece that you "I threw this together to appease her" is awesome. Clearly Arianna is depicted by the swan and you are, well, the other one. Feel free to "throw something together to appease me" anytime.