Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tossing out old stuff is hard, maybe just one last look will ease the pain.

 These drawings have been hanging around for way to long. It's time to say goodbye. The greatest thing about this blog, is that it is allowing me to let go. I know if I had to, I could redraw any of these again, but I'm somewhat insecure about throwing them out anyway. I catch my self saving drawings for different reasons, sometimes it's the idea that makes me keep a drawing that I would otherwise give away or throw out. Sometimes the history of the situation of when I drew it makes me keep a drawing, whether it's good history or bad history. Sometimes it's because I intended to go back and fix them or redraw them, I hardly ever do that. I think, because they get to see the light of day one more time on this blog makes it easier for me to toss them out. Look, I even talk about them like they are alive, my babies.
 The little sketch at the top was one of the first drawings that I did at the Blue Sky Studio, this looks better here than the actual piece, I fixed it up a little in photoshop, what ever, it's got history but now it is history. The poster drawing has my children in it, but the finished piece was pretty bad so bye bye kids. It's also was montage piece, very dated, so, so long to the actual drawing, I threw it out right after I scanned it. You can see why I threw out the mirror drawing, no explanation needed. I like the mail box piece, I added the squirrel in the piece via photoshop, I think it needed something, maybe a bird would have been better, I'll keep this one and go back later and work on it. Ya see, I did it again. 

This was a tiny concept drawing that I did on a piece of grayish green card board. It was an idea for the giant log boat thingy at the end of of the movie. "Ice Age II"
I just graduated from Ringling School of Art and Design and I was working for Mike Peter's Creative Group as a subcontracted artist, I advise against that strongly. I was making eight dollars an hour, but after I put my Social Security and FICA tax money aside, I didn't have much left over. I made somewhere around eight thousand dollars that year. That's below poverty level. Granted, I didn't work an entire year there but if it wasn't for Jodi I would have starved. I asked for a dollar raise and they said no, when I took the job at Disney my boss actually got angry with me. Really!? Anyway, this was a freelance job I did on the side to try and survive, it ended up being a poster for some event. For the record, I really liked that job even though I got paid diddly squat. 
This was an idea for a mirror frame, the cherubs were suppose to each have a season. I don't know why I drew this, sometimes I do things for know reason at all.
When I lived in Sarasota I would go running everyday, back when I was full of enough energy to waste some. I would run by this mailbox that a tree had grown around. I was inspired to draw this illustration. I'm hoping someday to suggest it as a design in one of the films that I'm working on. 


  1. Don't THROW THEM OUT!!!

    Just kidding :). Se' la vi - old drawings!!

  2. "Shadrack" ChadSeptember 13, 2009 at 6:08 AM

    But don't you find it somewhat freeing to get rid of the old? I am very nostalgic and therefore have tons of old crap that I don't let go of. But when I do, it often feels great (I get the paradox as to why I have so much crap still around).

    But once said object is gone, I find that my memory of it is often better than the object itself. Like I said, nostalgic....