Wednesday, August 26, 2009

To freelance or not to freelance?

 "Why don't you just become a freelance artist"?  I get asked this all the time. To freelance or not to freelance, that is the real question.  I don't get much freelance, but when I do it's always problematic. It's either at the wrong time (I'm busy at work) or they are just crappy jobs. The ones that are missed timed are usually awesome jobs and I really want to do them, but they are very inconvenient and usually pay less than the crappy ones. The crappy ones, well, I always try to over bid them (so the client will say no), but then I end up trapping myself because no matter how crappy they are, they end up paying so well I can't not do them. Freelance is usually feast or famine anyways. I think I'll take them as they come, who can say no to extra money in this economy, but I like my steady job in the studio for sure.
These pieces are from the same drawing, I tried two different approaches. I think I like the one above better.
This was a freelance job, they needed some drawings of rope bridges. I did a bunch, as you can see, I don't think I ever delivered exactly what they were looking for. I still got payed though.

I still have a few more drawings of rope bridges somewhere, I'm sure I'll run across them sooner or later.


  1. Hey Craig, I hear you regarding the freelance timing. It always seems like they come up at the most inopportune times. For instance, I'm getting ready to head out to Colorado with Chris (we're taking the band on the road!) and guess what, I get a freelance job offer that needs to be complete the day after we get back. Dang it! I had to turn it down...I'm starting to learn that sometimes it pays even better to say "no!"

  2. Cool drawings dude!