Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bee on a string, bee on string, everybody sing I got a bee on a string!

Bee on a string, bee on a string, everybody sing I got a bee on a string. I sang this catchy little Diddy as I danced around holding on to a piece of thread with a black carpenter bee attached to the end. It took an entire day to catch one, but I did it and soon their I was dancing around with my children freaking out around me. I was doing the bee limbo, and I was walkin' the bee etc, etc. Look at me, look at me, I've got a little pet bee, don't worry about him stinging me, why, cause he's my very own special pet bee. Buzzing left and buzzing right dancing around with my string held tight. Bee on a string, bee on a string everybody sing I got a bee on a string.

Okay, maybe it is a little weird that a 47 year old man was so excited about a bee on a string, but let me explain. For a brief moment, just a smidgen of time, I got to revisited the innocence of my youth. I got lost in the moment and did something that, as simple as it may sound, seemed impossible to achieve, and yet their I was with a bee on a string. I wasn't thinking about anything but my bee on a string, not my house, not my job or bills, nothing but my bee on a string. Somehow, that bee on a string took me away, and their I was, eight years old again. There I stood, a cup in one hand and a long piece of grass (I called a bee tickler) in the other. Waiting for the right moment to jump into action. I am the stealthy hunter, I am the super hero, I am all those things I dreamt of being as a small boy, I am a man with a bee on a string.

Oh, how I have missed you youth, oh how you surreptitiously left me. Oh, how I have missed you innocence, oh how you indiscriminately transformed naiveté' to maturity without any warning of the disadvantages. You deceiver you! Oh how I rushed you out the door and as soon as you were gone how I longed for your return. You left without so much as a glimpse back in my direction. Now I watch the young fritter their time with you as well. I attempt to make them understand the gift that they squander but they scoff at the silly old man who tries to impart wisdom on those who have plenty of youth to waste. Oh, how the tainted ranks fill with those you have abandoned, one by one.

I know my last few posts have been kinda of downers so I wanted to share this story with my readers. I made some new friends this weekend as well, and that is always awesome.


  1. They potrayed Karate Kid's Mr Miagee as superhuman because he caught a fly with chop sticks.--This is SOOO much cooler. 47 or not, if this isn't a scene in a movie it should be.(or bee)

  2. Just found your blog, love it! I am through a similar situation as you are (or were as of previous post) Life is never dull...time to find our next adventure. Best of luck.
    Chris Greco

  3. hey craig! it's sarah from kc! you told colin (bro-mancer) and i that bee story at the 4th of july party. sam is lucky to have a dad like you although sam is great so....your both super lucky to have each other. great lecture at hallmark and hope you and the fam are doin' well :) tell sabes i'll always cherish that unicorn picture she drew for me!

  4. T'aint nuthin wrong with a bee on a strin!'
    X David, NYC

  5. Ha! I can totally see you doing this! :) Never give up that inner child, I believe he or she is one of our greatest sources of inspiration.